Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dawn Mass

There is this practice we have here in the Philippines where we wake up morning for 9 days before Christmas to celebrate mass for the coming of Christ. I haven't really got to try this since I was born? If ever I did when I was little, I had already forgotten that. So this year, i decided to give it a try. How did I fair? I got five out of nine this year. Not bad considering I had a struggle with a bad cough within the nine days I have to wake up and go to church. According to the homily of the ninth mass, the priest said I am a silver medalist since I got five. I'll aim for gold next year. The priest said in order to get a gold medal, a devotee must not miss a single day which means I must not skip a single day. Until then, I'm staying faithful as I'll be.

Here is a picture I took on the dawn of the last day.
@ around quarter to six in the morning.
One thing I noticed while attending the masses is that it seems that there are "vampires" amongst us after all. You see, during my experience of participating these dawn masses, I notice people leaving the church right after communion just before the priest gives out the final blessing. Now why do I call them vampires? Because the sun begins to rise the moment people are having their communion. It is so weird that mostly people who go out early also have chairs which gives them no reason to go home as early as to those who stand up the whole time, like me. No need to fuss about this though, just decided to conclude that those who go out early either have work as early as six or they just live farther than any of us who decide to wait for the final blessing. So don't be alarmed. I'm not claiming that vampires exist. Just a disclaimer before I end this. Merry Christmas~!

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